Farm Fresh Desert

Fresh strawberries. Cream from the farm. Summertime.
Plus a new dish from Ikea and one of those tube-o-pastry things.

The image was made in my kitchen, with two flashes fired into white umbrellas on stands. One was placed behind the dish / in front of the camera, about 6 feet away, in line with where the windows and door are, to add to the natural light. The other to my left, to fill in the dark side facing the camera. The flashes were fired with ebay triggers (PT-04TM’s).To keep within the off-camera sync speed (1/180th), but still allow me to shoot at f/2.8 or f/4.0 (as this shot is) I added an ND4 to drop the light down a bit. Alternately I could have moved the back light further back, and fired the light that was to my left ‘backward’ and use the ceiling / wall as a big reflector. It would loose enough light, so no ND filter would be needed.


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