DIY Softbox / Strip light

I need a long-ish softbox, almost a strip-light, and I have a zero dollar budget. I do however have the following:

  • 3 nearly identical Vivitar 1900 / 2000 flash units
  • an ebay radio trigger set
  • fibreglass tent pole sections
  • black fabric
  • a new mylar survival blanket
  • white diffuser fabric
  • a can of spray glue
  • a bit of framing timber (a 2″x4″)
  • some sticky velcro that comes in a long roll
  • and some random metal brackets, nuts & bolts, etc.
For tools I think a handsaw, some sandpaper, and an electric drill are all that’s needed. I also have a sewing machine for the ‘softbox’ part of this project. For the electrical connections to all the flashes I have some spare wire, electrical tape, a soldering iron, and some solder.
I think all of this put together is a five or six foot tall softbox. Stay tuned!

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