Lightroom, Copyrights, Watermarks, iPhones, Tigers

Lightroom has always had the ability to watermark images with the contents of the ‘copyright’ field. To see the field, switch to Library mode look at the Metadata panel and make sure ‘IPTC’ or ‘All’ is selected; then scroll down to the copyright field.

But the control of the font from within Lightroom is absent!
You could try Jeffrey’s Lightroom Configuration Manager , but it will only alter the font…. as a bonus you do get a lot of tweaks besides the watermark font, so you may still want to check it out.
I’m not one for reading the manual first, mostly because Google makes it too easy to just search for an exact answer… and I found one at the Lightroom Forums, in this post, which points to a really neat tool that I’ve just started exploring, LR2/Mogrify. The guy (Timothy Armes) must be a Calvin and Hobbes fan, because to me this conjures up memories of the Transmogrifier.
Of course if you actually do a search in the LR help, the user comments will point you to LR2/Mogrify also. It’s more complicated to install than just ‘click and run’, but the install instructions work if you follow them exactly, and I was up and running inside 10 minutes, including download time.
What does it do? Instead of a generic, corporate font for your watermark, now you have this:
How about that snazzy Polariod look? Is that Lightroom color manipulation? Is that an LR2/Mogrify border?
Nah… it’s even simpler:
Maybe the best app I’ve downloaded yet.
BTW, that’s a laundromat in San Francisco not too far from the hotel. My vacations? Luxxe, man, Luxxe.

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