Glam Jam Redux

A few weeks ago the first shooting event for the Glam Jam was held in Calgary. If you are looking to network with other photographers, models, and make-up artists, stylists, etc, then this is the way to do it. The workshops were a bonus, and the organization of the whole thing was really well done for their first go at a ‘shooting event’. Their new web site is almost done, I’ll post again when it’s ready.

Sow what can you expect? Well, we had a perfect day for shooting, and got some spectacular shots in a great location in the south end of the city. Here is a sample; this is Ashley, and as you can see we got to shoot on pretty much the ‘last day of summer’ before the trees changed.

For me this was a totally different kind of shooting environment; not only was the shooting competition fun and friendly, but considering everyone had to network, shoot, upload and sort our images, and then do limited post-processing all within about 3 hours… well, hectic doesn’t come close. The after party was fun, although the crowd was a little younger than me 🙂

If you are new to the industry this might be a way to talk to others more experienced, and get some of your questions answered. Hat’s off to Nathan, Kaley, Lisa, and everyone else who put it together!

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