The Studio

If you have several extra hours and have ever thought about building your own studio, either in your home or in commercial space, you have to read the ‘Show us YOUR studio’ thread over on Fred Miranda*. Once I saw what people were doing I thought “Hey, I have more than enough space to do that!”. I was hooked, and began the layout for my own 24′ x 14′ space.

That was a month ago, and progress has been steady since; the space is mostly cleaned out and ready for a wall treatment. I was planning on hanging black fabric from floor to ceiling as spill control, but finding a nice looking hardware system to run for 70′ around the perimeter will cost more than the fabric will. Maybe I should just store muslin backdrops around the perimeter…

Lighting will be easy; I’ve already done some tests with flashes into two 40″ silver umbrellas, and I have enough juice for the moment. The setup is nice because it’s portable, but the recycle time is a little longish. I think AlienBees is going to get an order soon 😉

* the only problem with the Fred Miranda site is that it thinks my email address is like hotmail or gmail or something, and it won’t let me sign up. I’m actually with one of the largest broadband carriers in Canada. Ah well. Posting is overrated anyway.


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